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Why Choose Us

We know that you don't have time to spend on ensuring that the IT systems you use are up to date, secure and capable of allowing your business to grow.  That's why here at Bluebell IT Solutions, our primary aim is to help you free your time to concentrate on the the thing you do best, run your business.

Here are some common issues facing small businesses today, give us a call to see how we can help you control them:


File Versions

Do you have lots of different versions of the same file and often have problems trying to understand which is the right one?


Data Protection

Can you recover your data quickly in the event of damage or theft?  If not how long can you run the business without it before you start losing money?



Do you know what your most critical data is and how to secure it?  Could you identify a data breach quickly and stop it?

Our Services


Get peace of mind knowing that your systems can be repaired quickly.  We can be your IT Support, or we can work with your IT Team to reduce pressure on them.


Your IT Strategy is at the core of the work we do.  We can advise, design and implement solutions that complement your business vision to help you grow.


Your business is your data and without it you wouldn't be able to service your customers.  This is why data security forms the backbone of our philosophy.


Storing data in the cloud is the most secure method of enabling your employees to work anywhere, anytime.  We deliver this service to you using technologies such as Office 365, Azure, Acronis Cloud Backup to name a few.


Complimentary web services to go hand in hand with your cloud services and support, from domain name registration to website creation. Click here to purchase a domain name.


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